CompuGroup Medical, Inc.: Three Decades of Efficient Medical Billing

CompuGroup Medical, Inc.: Three Decades of Efficient Medical Billing

Benedikt Brueckle, CEO, CompuGroup Medical, Inc.Benedikt Brueckle, CEO, CompuGroup Medical, Inc.
Many companies undergo a change in the leadership of their management board through the course of their lifetime. Such a move, brings new business process strategies that adjust to the vision of the new leader. These can be especially tricky for medical organizations, as any kind of change in their activities—either in patient billing, or development of a practice management system—can have an adverse effect on patient care. However, CompuGroup Medical’s (CGM) founder, Frank Gotthardt, has been the global CEO of the company and its majority shareholder for over 30 years and has followed his core vision all these years. In his own words, “For no one should suffer or even die just because medical information is missing somewhere at some point” CGM puts the customer in the middle of its focus and makes sure to provide the best possible customer services irrespective of the ups and downs in the stock market.

CGM offers its EHR and Practice Management(PM) software and billing services on the same platform so that clients don't require different companies to perform medical and billing activities. The “one stop shop” offers the clinical EHR, a PM system, telemedicine software, its own clearinghouse, and billing and collection services. CGM’s onshore experts own the medical billing and coding process, right from when a patient comes to the office, to when a claim is reimbursed to the physician. CGM offers a seamless experience for the customer, where instead of calling different parties for billing, clearinghouse, and PM, they call CompuGroup Medical and get an expert to help them. “Our customers greatly appreciate our approach of getting everything from one hand and not needing to struggle with interoperability issues," says Benedikt Brueckle, CEO of CompuGroup Medical, Inc.

The organization sees itself as a consulting partner of the client when it comes to helping them.

CGM's team carefully listens to their client's challenges and creates a solution path that is tailored precisely to address their pain point. “This way, the company constantly increases the value proposition for the client,” explains Brandon Franklin, Vice President Sales and RCM of CompuGroup Medical, Inc.

CGM's dedication to creating a tailor-made solution for their clients can be evidenced in the form of their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution. In RCM, the company's onshore specialist billers and coders all work together to achieve the best possible result for a practice. Parallelly, the organization's clearinghouse works in the background to process the claims. The billing, coding, and claim processing are all done by specialists who are experts in the area of medicine the client is practicing in. For example, for a cardiologist client, CGM will provide a cardiologist coder and a cardiologist biller. The same will be for a client practicing in urology and so on.

To give an example, one CompuGroup Medical client, an orthopedic practitioner, had issues with proper coding. CGM provided a certified orthopedic coder as a single point of contact with the client. The coder taught the practitioner on appropriate coding levels, and as a result, the revenue collections for the orthopedic practitioner increased by 7 percent.

CGM has always been on a path of growth and innovation. One of the trends which have recently emerged in the field of medicine is the telemedicine industry. CGM, while exploring this avenue, has become experts in the billing protocols of and coding standards of the telemedicine industry. As a result, the enterprise launched its telemedicine software named ELVI. The platform was utilized in the European market for some years and gained a significant amount of traction from telemedicine solution providers. ELVI turned out to be a great success in the U.S. market as well. It is runs in the company’s datacenter in Arizona and utilizes peer-to-peer technology after the call is connected. Therefore it adheres to the most strict security standards and is HIPAA certified. So, in the upcoming months, the company wishes to develop and provide its clients with more telemedicine-based offerings. For three decades, CGM has been catering to the billing, coding, and software needs of various medical organizations and thereby has been widely successful in improving their billing process and revenue collection. The company continues to strive to help medical organizations facilitate their patients with the best possible medical treatment through its various solutions and, hopefully, will be able to do so for decades to come.

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CompuGroup Medical, Inc.

CompuGroup Medical, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ

Benedikt Brueckle, CEO

CompuGroup Medical(CGM) provides billing, coding, and various software solutions to ensure that medical institutes can provide their patients with optimum healthcare. For 30 years, the organization has been driven by a single vision: No one should ever suffer or die due to the unavailability of the right information at the right time